Nanofixit Radiation Shield

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Nanofixit Radiation Shield will block more than 90% of the dangerous radiation

  • Radiation Shield - All your devices
  • Nanofixit Radiation Shield will block more than 90% of the dangerous radiation, which can potentially be harmful to vital parts of your body. Studies suggest that radiation can cause brain cancer as well as infertility in men. The Radiation Shield can be applied directly on the original screen of devices or on top of tempered glass.
  • Nanofixit Radiation Shield is proven to eliminate harmful cell phone radiation by more than 90%.
  • Daily you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from your device. Nanofixir Radiation Shield uses nanotechnology to create a protective barrier that redirects and redistributes practically all harmful RF exposure away from your head.
  • Nanofixit Radiation Shield is invisible, odor free, 100% organ
  • ic and safe.
  • Keep you and your family safe 24/7 with Nanofixit Radiation Shield.
  • *SAR tested on Samsung and iPhone models


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